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Why should i buy a multipurpose knitted bag ?

We are … our Acts

Please remove children from your screen as hard facts follow.

Habit .. maybe from the strongest acts that exist. How many times have we not captured ourselves doing something mechanically, by habit; The morning ceremony of coffee, because otherwise we feel that we can not even put our slippers, we wear our favorite perfume, go to work from a specific route, take our coffee from the same corner shop every day and many more habits !!

Would say, however, that all of the above habits are graceful and create a routine that we can even worship! But there are some other habits that are massive and repetitive, have unpleasant results, and we are saying, “Oh yes I forgot it, the next time ” but unfortunately something like that it will be destroying.

Very well understand !!! We refer to our ecological consciousness and “good” habits (Which?!) Around it.


I would like to inform you briefly about some instances before going through 5 little things that we can do daily (do not be afraid! are just some of the simplest, trust me!)

And because a picture is  1000 words …

  • Serfing on Indonesia’s island of Java, the most populous island in the world



  • Wilemate National Park in the US, 99% has been deforested


  • Fire at an oil well in the Gulf of Mexico in April 2010




  • Landscape full of rubbish in Bangladesh

  • The Accra area in Ghana. Usually our electrical garbage ends up in third countries

  • The Albatross bird died because he ate enough plastic



  • The Maldives are drowned because of global warming. It is estimated that in 50 years it will be covered by water.


          The habit is a very good muffler.

The air is full of our cries. But the habit turns them off.

Samuel Beckett, 1906-1989, Irish writer, Nobel 1969



You will tell me … and what relationship do I have with all this … and I will answer you.

Obviously, all this is not the result of a year or a few people, but it is a result of many years of misuse and poor management of the resources that have been given us generously.

The point is we want to be a “part” of all of them; This plastic bag we will buy at the Market.

This plastic glass of coffee we drink for the first time in the day.

The plastic bottle that we’ll throw in the street (just imagine what can be done in the summer months).

The tap water that we let run constantly by washing our dishes or teeth.

The rubbish that we will leave after a beautiful excursion to nature and the dozens of plastic glasses and dishes we will use. .

And many more.


I had prepared a list of some tips we can do everyday to help our way in this endeavor to speed up all this evil we do in our “home”, but I decided not to show it.


We all here in “ARTISANAL”, we are guided by all this effort we each make on our own.

Creating knitted handmade products that are part of an ecological consciousness, starting from a very elegant knitted handbag that you can use to make your purchases in style, the knitted cover cup for your coffee cup, and much more that we are preparing !!



Because we all know what we have to do …

Let’s use this powerful act .. the Habit to feel our daily “clean” inside …

And this will also be reflected in our outside .. in the surrounding environment.