The story of knitting

. The story of knitting   is a mystery that we can only understand from archaeological samples kept in museums around the world. A knitted fabric could be made of wool, silk and other fibers, but they quickly failed, even under ideal conditions

The knitting needles wpml_nbsp used there were essentially sharp sticks They could be tweezers for hair, spindles or any other form of sharp stick In the past, where spinning was done by hand and of course it was much more time consuming, many knits did not fit in the body and were knit again.  Due to the lengthy production process, the knits did not sink until they were completely worn. In fact all the evidence shows that knitting is a fairly recent invention. There are no ancient myths about knitting, as there are, for example, ancient myths about spinning and weaving. A quick glance at an English Dictionary of Oxford also reveals that the term “crochet” was not added to English until after 1300

we notice that the word “knit” did not exist in any European language before the Renaissance. Apart from the Middle East and Spain, in other parts of the world the word for knitting appeared much later.

The beginning.. Research on the subject has shown how knitting first appeared in the Middle East and then spread to Europe and America through the colonists. .Archaeologists have discovered in a tomb of Egypt knitted slippers and socks for children whose large toe is separated from the rest like some of the modern gloves. There is also the opinion that in Europe knitting was introduced by the Copts (branch of Christianity in Egypt).

In a missionary journey they carried knitwear together and managed to attract the world’s attention.

Developing and integrating into everyday life.  In the 13th century in France, knitting became one of the most profitable industries in the industry. Knitted hats, gloves, sweatshirts, socks and anything else can become knitted. Specifically, in Scotland, the traditional headgear – the knitted hat – has been created and maintained to date. A surprise thing (because many do not know) is that knitting was basically a male profession, to the point where men were fighting in any way and with special agreements to prevent women from engaging in knitting.

In 1612 in Prague they had established a fine for women who simply decided to knit.


Later, however, when knitting became widespread, women began to deal with it. Evolution and innovation …

In the 19th century, a new form of knitting, the knitting with the crochet hook was a very enjoyable and popular job, and the crochet lace production was so great that it was described as “world fury”.

Across Europe, men’s and women’s apparel and underwear were now lace.

That’s how we get to our own age, now that there is plenty of tools, knitting yarns, knitting hair, and whatever else is needed to create beautiful and timeless knitwear. However, despite the abundance we need to choose quality materials that will last for time and which will give our knitwear a wonderful feel and look.

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