The Story Behind



“ARTISANAL” … handwritten: hand made

For us, it means and is more than just a handmade knit. It is an expression of love and creation that comes out of our hearts.


These are original and in-fashion knit creations, but they exude, sometimes this warm and cuddly knitted grandmother who so much cares about her favorite faces, and sometimes those vintage summer knits that we love to combine over a jeans or on the beach enjoying a mojito!

All this begins and takes flesh and bones from all these memories we have been holding in since we were young children. We come from families that grew up and lived with this beautiful memory of grandmothers of the family to knit and create everything that concerns the home and the clothing! This figure always sitting by the fireplace or in the garden in the summer creates, endlessly, knitwear for the whole family, knits that are present to date and is a legacy from generation to generation.

How many of us have an old part of our grandmother in our wardrobe, who gave it to us and we always look for an opportunity to combine it with our outfit?

Yes !! I am also one of you !!

But let’s go now, to us, to our beloved “ARTISANAL”, to what we hope to make your own favorite and multifaceted habit!

The preparation…

At ARTISANAL, something that we do not negotiate with anything is quality. All our yarns and materials are selected one by one, as they are our protagonists in all of these unbelievable “knit stories”. To give you an exciting experience. Others for winter, warm and gentle … and more for your summer excursions!

The planning …

It is our favorite moment .. it is a celebration of frantic creation and oestrus! Trying new projects, experimenting and combining them can be a long and time consuming process but …. for us it is magical! And of course something that we will not stop doing as long as this goes by our hand!

The final line ..

Nothing is in the hands of luck. Everything is studied step by step from the beginning of creation until it reaches your hands!

  • They carry all knitwear from quality control to ensure they are knit according to the specifications of “ARTISANAL” (correct dimensions, color etc)
  • Pack in our unique packaging, putting in a lot of care
  • They are sent completely free, within 48 hours at your door.

(If this is not the perfect package to get your own timeless knitted knit then what is it!)


At this point ..

We would like to share with you that, behind this great effort, there is also a terrible group of women who contribute every day to achieve this endeavor and get the best result! They are the Super Women of the next door that is an integral part of us, because with their creativity and their love for knitwear they give their own special note!

But above all, you! Everyone you trust us everyday and helps us become better! Give us some space in your wardrobe, let us be the hug for your children and their entertainment with all these knitwear!



Stay tuned …

because many, exciting “knit moments”..

 are waiting for us to live together!

With love
ArtiSanal Team

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