Care Instructions

Winter has come… and one of our favorite habits is nothing more than this hot and fluffy feeling from our knitted clothes when you wear them!

Clothes with special touch, easy handling and above all comfortable.

Knitted Artisanalover the much love, is made with high quality yarn and fashion designs, making the style look like a unique experience.   How, however, will we extend and endless our beautiful knits to give

 us more and more beautiful moments as if it were the first time?

“Artisanal Team” has all these answers for you and is so simple and easy as long as you hear what your knits having to say!

  1. They love the lukewarm or cold water (very right! 30 ° C is perfect!)
  2. They prefer to enjoy for a while in a bowl,  instead of spinning in a washing machine.
  3. They do not love rotation at all, but they like to spread them in a white towel in order not to lose their shape ( prefer a shady place, the sun is worn by the color of their lives!) We don’t want this!
  4. If you see it making small small parties then remember that your knits are absolutely “healthy”! This is a way to expel his dead cells. All you have to do is remove them by hands as long as the knits are still fresh after washing.

Additional tips
Dried orange peels will protect them from the moth naturally, leaving a light perfum. 

Extra tips 

  •  If the wardrobe has moisture,  put inside a chalk that will absorb it! 
  • When storing them place lavender and they will have a freshness until the next winter

Good Luck and enjoy your moments!!

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