Alpaca, fine & warm

The perfect choice for winter!




In “ARTISANAL”, quality is a priority. Nothing less than using the finest quality yarn. Traditionally, most of us know yarns from wool, from sheep’s wool. However, there is another quality that comes to surpass it.


And this is no other than Alpaca. So let’s get to know this multidimensional yarn.


Alpaca wool is a natural fiber harvested from the homonymous animal, Alpaca living in South America, in the Andes, Peru, Argentina, Chile, and Bolivia.



But what makes it so special?


  • Extremely soft

The yarn is high quality, extremely soft and shiny. It is very similar to that of a sheep but it is much softer without being stingy, durable and silky.

So, for those who avoided wool because of their “weird” texture, it’s time to enjoy them without fear … but with passion!


  • Warmful

Four times warm than sheep’s wool. Even wet,  it still warm. If you are a winter sports fan and even in adverse conditions, we here at ARTISANAL highly recommend it! You can buy stylish knitwear and  .. nothing can stops you!


  • Hypoallergenic

If, you are one of those who loves the winter and can’t enjoy this wonderful knitwear feeling because of the sensitivity we will tell you, “No more!” The alpaca yarn is lanolin-free which makes it hypoallergenic and skin-friendly.


Finally, it is well tolerated even in the heat, without ‘turning on’, and protects from sunlight.


All the above make it possible for these animals to cope with the changing weather conditions. These properties have an alpaca garment and offer the same protection to the human body.


So, these are some of the special features of the alpaca yarn that makes it unique.


We take over the rest . .


..And offer you the most modern and special handmade knitwear.




Join us now at and discover our full range of women, men, kids,  for your dog and home!

With Love,
Artisanal Team

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