Artisanal is more than just another clothing brand ! We give all of our energy, passion and love daily, in order to create and offer you top quality knitting products made by our hands and inspired by our hearts.

We use only first quality raw materials, plenty of fantasy and empathy on every creation of ours.

The art of knitting got its reputation from mother to daughter and then to kids and so goes on. Our aim is to design and transform our heritage into a more modern and vivid crafts art that you’ll love and it’ll make your routine days warmer and cozier .

“ARTISANAL” is a family-run business located in the heart of the Thessalian flatland,in Larissa. Her inspirers and creators, Kehagia Aglaia and Chatzi Stella, come from families with a tendency to handmade knits such as those loved by family grandmothers.

An integral part is also a team of wonderful women who give their knowledge and love for knit creations and contributed to this wonderful result.

So we turned our passion for crocheting into a creative Organism

After all, a handmade knit is a true gift from the heart !

We love making modern knitwear, using top quality raw materials that will be the best company on your cold days and fill your heart with warm feelings.

Our aim is to evolve together the eternal art of crocheting and explore together the different kinds of knitwear accessories while giving a pinch of happiness on you everyday life !

The art of crocheting is timeless through the years, the effort and the creativity we give daily on our products make them special to us as much as they are gonna be for you .

Our passion and experience can offer you the best quality of handmade clothing accessories which will arrive at your door safe and always on time on every square and corner of the planet